We’re built with bank level security.

You can trust Lyfeguard with your data. Your data is always encrypted. Only you and your trusted users can view it. We can’t even see it.

Your data is so important. Yet too many people take chances with it. 

We take no chances with your data, and you can trust us 100%. We made it our mission from the beginning to make sure that Lyfeguard can use every level of protection available. It’s even as secure as your online bank account.

When you upload or enter any data, this is always encrypted so that only you and your trusted nominees can see it. It’s also stored in our digital vault until you want to see it or share it with someone of your choice. No one can access it here, not even us.

We use 14 different levels of cyber security protection to keep your data safe online. All our servers are based in the UK and we check on them and any threats all the time.

You’ll be safe and secure whenever you use Lyfeguard. And that will never change.

Our secure technology keeps your data safe.
All the time.

We know it’s always you

Our Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Login means that we ask for two ways to confirm your identity when you log in. By requiring both your email address and a code sent to your mobile device, we can confirm that it’s you.

We establish a secure connection

Your computer browser and our server will perform a set of tasks to confirm that both are legitimate before anything happens. This happens super quickly and you won’t even notice it, but it’ll keep everything secure.

We encrypt and secure your data

As you input your information, your browser and Lyfeguard encrypts it. This means that no one else can access or read it. Not even us.

We safely store your information

We have 14 different types of security protection in place. Our UK-based server is externally monitored 24/7 against threats and attacks.

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in January 2023

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