Smart Software for Modern Advisers

We bring financial advisers and clients closer together through smart technology.

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A Platform Designed For You

Combining usability, flexibility, and potent features to create a platform that truly works for you.

Real-Time Financial Data

Leverage Open Finance with 248 financial connections to keep client accounts up-to-date across all asset classes.

Unearth Daily Insights

Go beyond just numbers. Access a comprehensive view of personal, health, and legal details that make a difference.

Customise Your Portal

Brand your portal to reflect your unique business identity for heightened client engagement.

Quick Onboarding

Skip the hassle with our quick bulk upload feature—get started in minutes, not days.

Client Satisfaction

Digital Engagement for a New Era 

In an ever-evolving digital and post-pandemic environment, a strong adviser-client relationship is key to long-term success. 

Our platform is purpose-built to foster this relationship. 

It offers an array of features designed to streamline your interactions and deepen your connections, all with the ultimate goal of driving client satisfaction and business growth. 

Simply put, our software doesn't just provide a service; it creates an enhanced client experience that sets your business apart.  

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Client Information

Unified Data for Informed Decisions

Storing, retrieving, and reviewing your clients' essential information should not be a laborious task. 

Our interconnected LyfeHubs provide a centralised data repository that's as secure as it is accessible. Say goodbye to piecemeal solutions and embrace the convenience of having all necessary data at your fingertips. 

What's more, our robust security protocols ensure that both you and your clients can rest easy, knowing that their sensitive information is in safe hands.  

Financial Visualisations

Your Dashboard to Financial Clarity

The best decisions are made with the best information. 

Our platform's financial dashboard delivers real-time, comprehensive views into your clients' financial situations, courtesy of our Open Finance integrations. 

This clear and up-to-date data allows you to offer precise and timely advice tailored to each client's individual financial situation.  

Client-Centric Platform

Fostering Transparent Partnerships

Our platform is designed to benefit both advisers and clients, facilitating an effective partnership built on transparency and trust.   

Clients find it easy to engage with their financial data, taking an active role in their financial planning. For advisers, this means deeper insights and the ability to offer more personalised advice.

This balanced, dual-focus approach paves the way for more transparent, trustful, and ultimately successful adviser-client relationships.  

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Clients today demand a seamless, digitally-enabled experience that keeps them continuously informed

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