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Feature One

Store and access your personal information in one place

Manage your information whenever and wherever you want. Whether at home, on the go or in an important meeting you can access your data whenever you need it. You can even edit existing data and upload new information on the go. Uploading and downloading files is as simple as one click.

Whether your online banking, your mortgage information or your will, Lyfeguard gives you access to all your files at the click up a button. You can access your data wherever you are and on any device. And our unlimited storage means you can add all the personal information you need.

Lyfeguard's home screen on a phone
Feature Two

Intuitive forms guide you through your organisation journey

Lyfeguard is broken down into eight LyfeHubs: Personal, Financial, Legal, Homes & Possessions, Health & Wellness, Digital & Subscriptions, Retirement, and End of Life. In each section, you will find all the relevant information with simple and intuitive forms to guide you. 

Our integrations, including open banking, enable your information entry to be easy and efficient. 

Phone view of the Will input of Lyfeguard
Feature Three

Handy reminders ensure you are on time, every time

Never miss an important date ever again.

Lyfeguard reminds you of upcoming renewals and important dates. You’ll never miss a crucial date and you can focus instead on making the most of life.

Phone view of Lyfeguard home page
Feature Four

Seamlessly manage your personal and professional contacts

Contact management has never been simpler. The address book allows you to store all of your personal and professional contacts in one place. 

Associate them with information you enter across the LyfeHubs and always be in the know of who is connected to what. 

Phone view of Lyfeguard's financial dashboard
Feature Five

Find clarity with your finances through visualisations and insights 

The financial dashboard builds a picture of your financial position. It calculates your net worth and breaks down the underlying assets and liabilities. You'll also find investments, pensions, and recurring payments here. Tracking your finances is easy with Lyfeguard. 

Phone view of Lyfeguard's financial dashboard
Feature Six

Share your information with friends, family, and trusted advisers

Pass on your personal information to those closest to you. 

With Lyfeguard, you can share essential data with loved ones, friends and trusted professionals safely and securely. You can decide how and when you share your information, as well as who you pass it on to, through our tailored set of permissions.

Phone view of Lyfeguard's legal hub
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You can trust Lyfeguard with your data. We're built with bank level security.

We know it's you when you log in

Two factor authentication

We establish a secure connection

Secure browser and server handshake

We encrypt your data

Unique keys make your data safe in transfer

We safely store your information

UK based servers with multiple layers of security

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