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Essential, intuitive, & effective

Crafted to make life management straightforward and essential for your everyday needs.

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Stress-free and secure

Your Information Accessible & All In One Place

In the UK, 52% of Brits feel that managing life admin is an 'endless race'. We're here to change that. Our platform is your all-in-one solution to simplify your life admin and free up time for what truly counts.

Designed for Peace-of-Mind:

Take control by centralising your information

> Save time with access on-the-go whenever you need it

> Stay ahead with handy reminders

Keep those closest to you in-the-know with powerful sharing capabilities

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A mobile screen of Lyfeguard demonstrating the simplification of life admin
Unify Your Finances

Experience Financial Clarity

Navigating finances can be complex with multiple accounts and financial jargon. Utilising Open Finance, we provide a clear overview of your finances, including net worth and pensions. Our platform provides a real-time view of your financial ecosystem, enabling you to make informed decisions. Gain clarity and control with Lyfeguard.

Designed for Clarity:

Say goodbye to multiple logins with our connections to over 250 leading financial providers

> Bring your finances together for unparalleled clarity

> Deeply analyse spending habits to find improvement areas

> Seamlessly track net worth, pensions, and investments

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A mobile screen of Lyfeguard visualising finances
Secure & Essential Sharing

Sharing With Confidence

Ensuring loved ones have access to personal information is so important. Inspired by a problem faced by our co-founders, our platform enables you to share essential information with loved ones, on your terms. Decide what, when, and how to share, be it now or in the future. Trust Lyfeguard to stand by your side, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Designed to Empower:

> Secure information sharing with Trusted Users

> Choose what, when and how you share your information

> Providing peace-of-mind for you and your family

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A mobile screen of Lyfeguard showing Trusted Users and secure sharing

Built-in Security

You can trust Lyfeguard with your data. We're built with bank level security.

We know it's you when you log in

Two factor authentication

We establish a secure connection

Secure browser and server handshake

We encrypt your data

Unique keys make your data safe in transfer

We safely store your information

UK based servers with multiple layers of security

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