Hello, we're Lyfeguard

and we're here to make life planning simpler.

The Lyfeguard mission

To help the UK organise their personal information and plan for the future

Personal Organisation

We spend five years and five months of our lives on 'life admin'', causing unneeded stress and anxiety. Overwhelming amounts of information can impact our ability to manage it correctly.

End of Life Planning

A third of the UK finds it difficult to talk about death. However, it is more important than ever to plan for any eventuality. A plan can comfort your family & friends and minimise the pain at the end of life.

Our Values

We prioritise security

In everything we do, security is at our core. We never take risks with security - no exceptions.

We succeed with our customers

Our customers are the reason we exist, and they are at the heart of every decision.

We are entrepreneurial

We are passionate, innovative, persistent, resourceful, and accountable. We learn from failure and enact change.

We thrive together

With our people, our planet, our suppliers, our partners, and our customers.

We are human

While we may be a digital business, we are run by and for humans. We are friendly, diverse and inclusive.

We keep it simple

Life can be complex. Our solution isn’t. We strive to uncomplicate the complicated.

Our Team


About Gary Stewart

Gary Stewart

Chief Executive Officer


About Fraser Stewart

Fraser Stewart

Chief Commercial Officer


About Jack Smith

Jack Smith



About Ronel David

Ronel David



About Lukman Abdul-karim

Lukman Abdul-karim



About Lee Mabey

Lee Mabey



About Gavin Borthwick

Gavin Borthwick


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