Lyfeguard Mobile Dashboards

Your life assistant

A new way to manage your life. We help you safeguard and organise your personal information in one location


Powerful features designed with you in mind.

Store life information

Organise your most important information across our nine LyfeHubs

Stay up to date

Never miss an important upcoming date with our handy reminders

Access anytime

Easily access and download your data on any device

Learn about you

Better understand your life’s information with our helpful reports and insights

Share information

Pass your important securely information onto your loved ones

Your life, divided into eight easy-to-use sections

  • Personal Info
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Health
  • Homes & Property
  • Digital
  • Retirement
  • End of Life
Easy to understand sections

The Ultimate Digital Assistant

You can trust Lyfeguard with your data. We’re built with bank level security.

We know it’s you when you log in

Two-factor authentication

We establish a secure connection

Secure browser and server ‘handshake’

We encrypt your data

Unique keys make your data safe in transfer

We safely store your information

UK based servers with multiple layers of security

Keep up to date with our latest expert insights, advice and information

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launching in 2023

Trust us to protect your data, organise your life and help you plan your future.